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Restaurant Scorecard

  Restaurant Scorecard: Local diner receives perfect score; chicken wings in buckets that were two days old found at another eatery

Chicken wings in buckets that were two days old. Plus, Is it salt or panko? Dressing or meatballs? And Carolina Forest will soon go Cajun, plus there is a perfect score.

  Restaurant Scorecard: Uncooked chicken thawing next to dirty dishes and grease buildup in several areas

Restaurant Scorecard: Food build-up at one eatery, perfect score for cookie dough concoction

Restaurant Scorecard: Thawed blood found, bugs discovered and it’s sunny side down for a local favorite

Restaurant Scorecard: Bugs in the cooler at one eatery, improper temperatures at another

Restaurant Scorecard: Ice buildup, uncovered food, plus two new restaurants

Restaurant Scorecard: Mold, Slime, Odors. Plus a new restaurant is open, and we have a perfect score.

Continued Coverage

  Restaurant Scorecard: Bugs, larvae, and slime in the ice machine; Plus, a new type of restaurant coming to Myrtle Beach

Restaurant Scorecard: Handling raw meat then failing to wash hands. Plus a new place for cookie dough lovers!

Restaurant Scorecard: Leaky faucets, blocked sinks, and some shut the doors for good

Restaurant Scorecard: Businesses cited for live bugs, unwashed bowls served to customers

Restaurant Scorecard: School’s out this week, but restaurants boast straight As in health inspections

Restaurant Scorecard: Excessive flies, maggots and mildew at some restaurants, perfect score at another

  Restaurant Scorecard: Several eateries dinged for not having soap, towels at sinks

From worldly wines to oceanfront seafood, we've got your dining details covered in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

Restaurant Scorecard: Flies and mildew in some kitchens

Flies in kitchens, even on food in one spot.  Slime and mildew at another spot. We've got your dining details covered in this week's restaurant scorecard. The Noizy Oyster is at 101 South Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.  It's known for casual seafood. State inspectors gave it a 72 out of 100, recently, taking off points for flies observed throughout the facility.  The owner told us their efforts to recycle oysters outback brings the flies.  He says Orkin was ther...

  Restaurant Scorecard: Flies on food, equipment; food stored on the floor at some spots

Flies in the kitchen, on equipment and ready-to-eat food, some food not properly reheated, and other food stored on the floor.

Restaurant Scorecard: Excessive flies and mold in kitchens this week

Excessive flies were found in one kitchen, while mold was discovered in another. From fine dining to donuts, we've got your dining details covered in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

  Restaurant Scorecard: Flies, other problems at some spots; near-perfect score at another restaurant

Restaurant Scorecard: Roaches on walls and flies at one eatery, near-perfect scores at two spots

Restaurant Scorecard: Flies in kitchens, but near-perfect scores at rib joint and bistro

Restaurant Scorecard: Popular burger joint receives perfect score

Restaurant Scorecard: Two breakfast favorites score in low 90s; two miss perfect score by a point

Restaurant Scorecard: Surfside Beach restaurant serves southern tradition, earns 'A'

Restaurant Scorecard: Popular golfer’s namesake eatery gets “C” grade

A health inspector can lower a restaurant's grade if the facility has failed to correct previous violations. That is what happened when the inspector stopped by Greg Norman's Australian Grille in North Myrtle Beach.